Clefs Anarchy online gratuites

Voila je peux distribuer 3 clefs pour jouer gratuitement à AO.


Funcom wishes to thank you for making Anarchy Online the premier science
fiction MMORPG for three years running!

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of AO you have been given 3 unique keys
that will allow you to share the Anarchy Online experience with friends
and family or try a brand new account for yourself for 30 FREE days!

The keys include the Classic Version of Anarchy, Notum Wars and the
award winning Shadowlands. All keys must be activated between now and
30 September 2004, and can only be used to create new accounts.

Your Special Anniversary Keys are:

To take advantage of this offer, simply give the keys to friends and
direct them to the link below to register the key:

After registering, download the Deluxe version of Anarchy Online - Shadowlands

Bonus! Upgrade Offer!
For the entire month of July, you can upgrade your existing Anarchy Online
account to include Shadowlands for only $9.95! Visit:
to upgrade today and experience what the critics call the “most impressive
expansion pack we’ve ever seen!”

We thank each and every one of you for making AO a continuing success and
we look forward to seeing you for many years in the future.


flute mon mail a ete effacé par mon antispam, je viens de verifier… donc… je ne peux aider personne… :confused:

Je dois baisser mon pantalon, c’est ça ?

Tout pareil que Sprotcha heuuu, Silka , je donne 3 clefs pour tester. PM

Moi Moiiii Moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii …
Hum hum enfin je veux dire que je veux bien une chtite clé pour essayé ce jeux :wink: