Detonators FX : 20 à 30% de perfs en plus... Et la marmotte

Tout est dans le titre. Increase perf only on NV30/35.

Article en entier toujours tiré de The Inquirer (info à prendre donc avec des pincette) :

WE HEARD WHILE we were on our holiday in Cannes, at our own and the INQ’s expense, may we add, that Nvidia is planning to introduce a new driver that will increase performance in certain applications since obviously there is always room for that sort of thing.
This is not news to us, since we saw many times before that Nvidia releases hidden performance from the driver, but in the case of the 5200 and 5600, this will have to do with new chip silicon recently introduced.
The new driver is to be called Detonator FX and it will result in five to 50 percent of “ballistic” performance increases depending on the application while the realistic rather than the ballistic indicates the number will be between 20 to 30 per cent.
If you haven’t noticed the latest driver available for download from, the 43.45 is not WHQL – Windows Hardware Quality labs approved. Microsoft does not allow tweaks that can give you additional performance which is one of the primary reasons for WHQL
As far as we are aware, this will affect the FX generation of cards, while at press time we are unsure what benefits GeForce 4 or older cards will gain, if any.
We wonder if this one will be WHQL certified, since there is serious discussion that FX generation is never going to get one more revision, and we’ve heard this more than once.

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une news qui viens de inquirer, je la prend meme pas avec des pincettes, je la lit même pas…

Ou alors ils ont devellopé des drivers faisant “peter” des high score a 3Dmark 2003…arf je suis mauvaise langue…

Faut voir ce que ça affiche. Parce que les premieres geforce fx affichaient bien moins de details que les radeon 9700/9800 sur les tests direct x 9 de 3d mark 03. Comme ils disaient sur clubic, c’est peu etre des drivers qui n’affichent plus rien

[quote]une news qui viens de inquirer, je la prend meme pas avec des pincettes, je la lit même pas…[/quote]Je suis d’accord, c’est pas la peine d’aller chez eux pour faire des thread ici. C’est le Ici Paris de l’informatique ce site, à fuir.

oui des perf en plus !
mais a quel prix ??
nvidia nous prendrais t’il pour des cons ?