Mises à jour et autres joyeusetés

Alors bon, inutile de tourner autour du pot, Starbound est la perle vidéo-ludique que j’attends depuis « foulalaltroplongtemps ». Maintenant qu’il est en beta, il est utile de se pencher avec un peu plus de détails sur les updates à venir histoire de frémir d’impatience et  ou de peur face au futur changelog.

Dans la famille des prochaines updates, le système d’arme va être retravaillé en profondeur histoire que ça soit un peu plus clair (ouf!) et pareil pour les mobs:

Currently the damage system in Starbound is built around an armor penetration system. This system was put in place to account for the 100 planet levels, 100 monster levels and so on.  Whilst the system works it leads to a difficulty curve that can be confusing to navigate as well as stats that are a little more difficult to understand. (A weapon that does 40 damage, only does 40 damage to a monster of the same level as the weapon. Otherwise as the distance between armor penetration/armor level grows the damage increases/decreases.)
It’s hard to know exactly how much damage your weapon will do to any given monster and it’s difficult to know which of two weapons is the most effective.

Another problem with this system is items that do a static amount of damage. For example in the current alpha sector it’s possible to find throwing daggers with 5 armor penetration. These daggers are extremely powerful in the lower half of the tier but near useless in the upper half.

When working with 100 levels, without the armor penetration system you end up with absurd damage/health values that are far too big to be manageable and that’s the reason this system was originally in place.
So over this weekend we’re going to work on the solution to this problem. We’re going to reduce the number of planet levels from 100, to 10. This is not a decrease in the amount of content, it’s simply a change to how leveling functions.  The smaller number of levels means that we can remove armor penetration entirely and simplify weapon damage. You’ll be able to directly compare weapon DPS which will now appear on the weapons tooltip. Armor will become easier to understand and will gain additional buffs, such as increasing player max health.  We’re also now able to remove armor from monsters and simply give more powerful monsters more health, this way you always know how much damage your weapon will do.

Monsters will no longer have a level, instead monsters will be given an easy/medium/hard marker, that shows you how difficult a monster is in the context of the sector it’s in. For example, a hard monster in sector 1 will be roughly the same strength as an easy monster in sector 2. The difficulty of monsters will increase the lower you dig, but so will the rewards.

Donc chouette, ça sera plus clair et tout mais faites très gaffe car:

This update will probably require a character reset (I’m sorry! Beta :frowning: )

Le point positif c’est que ça va me permettre de m’amuser avec toutes les races de perso au final \o/


DItes moi ? Je n’ai pas réussi à trouver la “map” de la plantete en jeu. Il n’y en a pas ?

Il faut que tu ailles dans ton vaisseau et tu t’assoies au poste de pilotage. De la, tu auras la carte de la galaxie et la possibilite de jump sur d’autres planetes, mais il te faut du fuel.

Quelqu’un a un recap “comment bien demarrer sinon ?”

[quote=“Ravine, post:3, topic: 55434”][/quote]

Ha oui, mais ca je savais. Je parlais plutôt d’une map quand tu étais sur la planete

[quote=“Ravine, post:3, topic: 55434”][/quote]

Je compte en faire un un de ces 4, genre le gros tuto de “bourdil, c’est quel bouton que faut appuyer?” avec les différents passages de secteurs et tout

Confirmé par la mise à jour de ce matin, il y a bien eu un wipe des saves

Et le changelog (merci Neomatt)

Changelog for v. Annoyed Koala 12/9/2013
  • HUGE balance patch, every item, creature, armor and weapon rebalanced. Leveling system entirely rewritten
Although the balance is early the new leveling system, the system is much better than the old one and we can now improve balance over time.
  • Added early implementation of creature taming (more features coming soon)
  • Added new mining items
  • Added new weapons
  • Added new throwable items
  • Added grappling hook
  • Added new boss and new sector of the galaxy
  • Added a stance system to weaponry, not currently used but will allow us to add secondary attacks to weaponry very soon.
  • Tons of new sounds
  • Guns more common in tier 3
  • Underground detached/rare biomes more common
  • Underground random encounters more common
  • Underground chests more common
  • Ore rebalance (probably way way too much ore at the moment, will be fixed later, enjoy it)
  • Baby monsters
  • New monster palettes
  • Added pixel compressor for high cost banking (idea from Ncrpts)
  • Disable using the beamaxe to light caves underground
  • Added new hats
  • some monsters now graze on grass (can look ugly, needs finishing)
  • Small bipeds now socialise with eachother
  • All the monsters behave smarter and are less likely to get stuck
  • You can no longer attack through blocks
  • Fix the game on XP (hopefully)
  • Tons more fixes and smaller additions

Hi guys, so last night we pushed the major balance update. We’d tested it for hours and at the last

minute a bug crept in that broke crafted weapon damage, making them crazy overpowered.
Hence the name of this version.
We’ve decided NOT to wipe characters or worlds. This means if you already have overpowered items
or planets they will remain that way. We’d recommend starting a new character to assist with beta testing.
That’s been fixed. It was an interesting bug. The old leveling system used a “level�? specified
in each swords configuration file. The new system no longer uses “level�?, instead each sword is
hand balanced.  The bug that crept in at the last moment reenabled “level�?.  Given that they are now unused, levels weren’t
changed from their previous values that went all the way up to level 100, and now that the game
is leveled up to 10, they were massively too powerful.
- Uranium, plutonium and solarium now work as fuels
- You can now REALLY craft a grappling hook
- Boss balance has been tightened even more
- Platinum armor is now unlocked on tier 5
- You can now ‘recapture’ pets
- some more fixes
More coming ASAP! It’ll take us a little while to balance everything just right, so please hang tight.
Re-posting, the build is actually live this time! Go update! :) Changelog for v. Indignant Koala  12/11/2013
There are a whole bunch of improvements to balance here, particularly in the early game.
We aren’t wiping characters or worlds, but if you want to experience the proper balance
you should make a new character/worlds to play it on!
- Nerf the hell out of birds, they no longer attack you at long range, lower damage, don’t follow you forever.
- Monster projectiles across the board better balanced
- Shields better balanced
- Early armors better balanced
- Melee weapons better balanced
- Ores better balanced
-AI improvements
- you can now craft lanterns (similar to sixxes’ lantern mod!)
- you can now craft a new back armor to help light caves
- fixed the bubble gun crashing on mouse over
- improve grass ( Suggestion by Dracyoshi)
- You are now invincible on your ship (this requires a new character)
- You need to be hit a lot harder to get knocked back
- some UI updates
- Drills now destroy 3×3 blocks
- nerf fall damage
- You can now turn 10 unrefined wood into coal in the furnace
- New “melting�? status effect on lava makes lava super dangerous (watch out)
- Other misc changes
As always, more coming your way soon!
- nerf fall damage
- You can now turn 10 unrefined wood into coal in the furnace
haaaaaa yes !

Surtout ça en fait :

Nerf the hell out of birds, they no longer attack you at long range, lower damage, don’t follow you forever.

Je me faisais gangbang non stop par les oiseaux hier :confused: Le nerf sur les dégâts de chute va faire du bien aussi.

Oui, les degats de chute étaient super abusés… Mais le coup du coal c’est cool, car la , je me retrouvait au tiers 2 sur une planete de type jungle et pas moyen de trouver du charbon ou que ce soit… Par contre les arbres…

Aprés, est-ce que le patch va “redessiner” les zones de charbon sur ma planete ou je dois en changer ?

[quote=“Drakulls, post:11, topic: 55434”][/quote]

Tu vas devoir changer de planète pour ça, vu que les planètes visitées sont déjà générées.

[quote=“Mister_Moi, post:10, topic: 55434”][/quote]

Ah ah putain, hier, same shit, bien content que ce soit nerf.

MàJ du 15/12:

Changelog for v. Offended Koala  15/12/2013
There are a whole bunch of improvements to balance here, particularly in the early game.
We aren't wiping characters or worlds, but if you want to experience the proper balance
you should make a new character/worlds to play it on!
- Experimental gun rebalance
- Experimental biome settings
- Streamlined mod support, more details here
- Unique monster changes
- Enable plasma guns
- Fix naked NPC merchants
- new portable pixel printer item (you must unlock tier 2 for it to show up in crafting).
- Tons of new blocks and items to craft
- New random encounters with unique items to find
- Lots of work in progress server changes
- Pets only attack npcs that are attacking the owner
- New songs to play on instruments including christmas carols
- New novelty hats
- Pets now level up
- you can no longer warp to gas giants
- Lots more fixes and small additions

Pas mal d’améliorations pour le early, c’est cool \o/

  1. Changelog for v. Angry Koala  23/12/2013
  3. A ton of new content in this update. We've added a bunch of new features to world generation,
  4. which might require you to start on a new universe. To make sure you get access to all the new
  5. crafting items you either need to unlock sectors again or create a new character.
  7. Also..
  9. - Added skyrails based on Apjjms mod!
  10. - Added a brand new weather system, moddable weather/new environment effects
  11. - Hydrophobic objects are destroyed by all liquids
  12. - Trees can now be planted
  13. - Critical items stay on the ground longer
  14. - Some new monster behaviours
  15. - You must now be orbiting a planet to set it as your home
  16. - Free teleportation to home planet from ships teleporter
  17. - add acid rain, meteor showers, water collecting during storms and more
  18. - made species mods easier to combine with one another
  19. - add support for keysignature and keysignature changes for the abc system
  20. - Disable speedlimit for default projectiles to fix inaccurate bullets
  21. - New craftable turrets based on healthire's mod
  22. - You can now land on asteroid fields, based on hints mod
  23. - Tech now has descriptive instructions
  24. - Tons of Christmas stuff!!
  25. - Pos no longer 1 hit kill you
  26. - You can no longer breath on moons or asteroid fields without the proper equipment
  27. - Better fix fall damage
  28. - New barren planets perfect for building
  29. - Gravity now varies from planet to planet
  30. - Some planet backgrounds improved
  31. - Existing biomes can appear with different liquid types
  32. - You can now craft racial flags, to show you've been to a planet
  33. - NPCs will now switch to melee weapons up close
  34. - More random encounters
  35. - Pos can now be captured
  36. - Wiring station can now be built to access to a ton of different wiring tools
  37. - fixed mech legs
  38. - tons of server improvements
  39. - more

enorme patch today : http://playstarbound.com/hark-a-stable-update-v-upbeat-giraffe/
le plus stable et gros depuis 1 an
tellement de changements qu’ils conseillent de refaire un perso ^^