Xbox dada boules

Vous le savez, le paintball, c’est mon dada.
Averc Bilto, chaque dimanche…

Enfin bref, il y a des mods HL pour faire du paintball en multijoueur.
Mais là, sur le marché xbox va sortir un nouveau jeu :

Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball

[li]3 game types to play: Elimination, Capture the Flag, Center Flag [/li][li]Quick Look: head movement without body shift [/li][li]Cheat Meter: try to wipe paint without getting caught [/li][li]Switch marker hands from left to right [/li][li]Snap left/ right/ up: snap in and out or up and down behind bunkers to hide and shoot [/li][li]Stance and mobility based targeting system: shooting accuracy changes based on stance and movement[/li][/ul] Single Player Features:
[li]Single player, Career and Arcade modes [/li][li]Career Mode: [list][/li][li]19 tournaments to play [/li][li]98 different field layouts [/li][li]Play against up to 80 different opponent teams, including 69 real life teams [/li][li]Advance from rookie to novice to amateur to pro [/li][li]Build your team from 3-man to 5-man to 7-man; choose from 32 unique players [/li][li]Gain experience points and increase your character?s skills, including speed, accuracy, marker handling, and reload ability with each win [/li][li]Earn money and prizes from tournament wins [/li][li]Buy new gear at online virtual Paintball stores [/li][li]Choose from ten categories of gear to outfit your character, with up to 145 pieces of gear and clothing, such as: markers, goggles, jerseys, shoes, etc[/li][/ul]
[li]Arcade Mode: [ul][/li][li]Choose from any level or field where you have previously won and choose to play it again for practice or just for fun without damaging your ranking.[/li][/ul]
[/list] Multiplayer Features:
[li]Xbox Live: Optimatch, Quickmatch, Friends, Detailed Statistics [/li][li]All gear and all levels open to all players. Not dependent on single player game. [/li][li]System Link enabled [/li][li]Communicate on the field with the use of Xbox voice communicator [/li][li]Play on-line with up to 7-on-7 team play [/li][li]Customize your own character or select from 21 pro characters to play [/li][li]20 unique locations to play [/li][li]179 different field layouts, including small and large field sizes[/li][/ul]

Bref, que du bon : deux tests-previews trucs là :…t-Paintball/p1/
et là :

Pour les morfals le plus beau mod à venir, outre la version prochaine de digital paintball pour HL(1), c’est le mod ut2004 maximum velocity mais bon, il y a des quenelles intestines chez les devs…

Pour Greg Hasting j’ai de gros doutes quand a la jouabilite du bazar .
Mais pour maximum velocity la modelisation des lanceurs est superbe

PS : Jouer au paintball dehors c’est plus mieux