DirectX 9,0b dispo


oui, et en plus ça corrige une serieuse faille de sécurité je crois. Donc à installer ASAP !!

mais à ce qu’il parait ATI le déconseille pour les possesseurs de All in Wonder

Tout a fait, voilà la raison (sources Microsoft)
Je confirme, DirectX 9.0b et Tuner TV ATI sont incompatibles.

TV input no longer functions after installing DirectX 9.0b on PAL based ALL-IN-WONDER Series Products
The information in this article applies to the following configurations:
A PAL based ALL-IN-WONDER Series product with WDM Capture Driver support
Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003
DirectX 9.0b is installed
Upon updating to DirectX 9.0b, TV TUNER functions within ATI Multimedia Center may not work. Other applications that access the TV Tuner, such as Ulead VideoStudio, or Pinnacle Studio may also be affected.

This issue only affects TV TUNER operation of PAL-based ALL-IN-WONDER products.

Some of the symptoms include:
ATI TV Player can start, however you can no longer tune to any channels.
The TV Initialization Wizard screen does not show any information in the TV Region selector.
ATI Launchpad will default to VIDEO IN, should Multimedia Center be reinstalled.
Microsoft has released the following statement regarding this issue. Updates will appear on this page when they become available.

Microsoft has investigated reports that the DirectX 9.0b release adversely affects a subset of ATI products with PAL TV Tuners. We acknowledge that a change to DirectShow TV Tuner support in this 7/25/03 release has impacted PAL TV capture. We are developing a patch with high priority to correct this issue. Please note that this change is not related to the security fix identified in bulletin MS03-030, although both fixes are in the DirectX 9.0b release.

This problem is known to affect only PAL devices on Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and Professional, and Windows Server 2003. The problem is isolated to the DirectX 9.0b End-User Runtime (dxwebsetup.exe) and DirectX 9.0b Redistributable Runtime for Software Developers (dx90b_redist.exe). Customers installing only the DirectShow Security Fix for DirectX 9.0 and 9.0a (KB819696), a ~900KB update which is different than dxwebsetup.exe, by Windows Update Critical Updates or Automatic Updates will not be affected.

If DirectX 9.0b has not been installed and the customer has a PAL product, we recommend installation/verification of DirectX 9.0a at this time. To address the MS03-030 security issue, please perform one of the two possible methods of installing the security patch:

Install the patch manually from…;DisplayLang=en, selecting the appropriate language.

Install the same patch, titled Security Update for Microsoft Windows (819696), from Windows Update Critical Updates, or verify that this patch has been installed in the Windows Update Installation History if automatic updates are turned on.

For customers with DirectX 9.0b already installed, we are making every effort to provide a patch at the earliest possible date. On Windows XP, the customer should consider using a restore point to revert the system to a pre-DirectX 9.0b state (;EN-US;306084 ), and then follow the steps above for applying the security patch. We will provide an update to ATI on a target date as soon as we have distribution commitments.

If a customer has performed a DirectX upgrade or patch without using the DirectX 9.0b runtime and is experiencing a problem, please contact with details.

Ca sert à quelque chose d’installer ça sur une gforce2 gts ou pas ?

bon par contre selon windows update le .b ne servirait pas qu’à la sécurité, la performance serait améliorée aussi

beethov>non sauf si tu as déjà Dx9…
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