Il va falloir se farcir un “nouveau” langage… Désolé pour la tradoche (y’en a pas ^^) et pour le contenu reformulé de façon super originale… Et puis ce n’est pas sûr à 100%.

[quote]One of the more intriguing things to come out of Microsoft lately was a nearly throw-away comment from Don Box, a principle creator of the SOAP architecture and an architect with Microsoft’s XML Standards group. When Don spoke at the IDEAlliance XML Conference 2002 in Baltimore, he announced that Microsoft had begun development on a new language he dubbed X#. While he didn’t give many specifics about the new language, he did indicate that it would be used to treat XML as a first-class citizen in the .NET programming arena.

Much of what is known outside the confines of Redmond about X# is largely speculation, but there is enough information available that a reasonable approximation of what the language entails can be made.

Initially, a number of people within the XML community assumed that X# would be an alternative to the W3Cs XSLT transformation language, used widely to convert XML into HTML or different XML formats. However, this appears unlikely given Microsoft’s emphasis on imperative programming models on the .NET platform. Moreover, the need for such an alternative transformation language doesn’t really exist—the core audience for XSLT, a rich but admittedly complex language to learn for most programmers, has stayed fairly small compared to the number of .NET developers.
Source : http://www.iexbeta.com/